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Bad Dating Profile Descriptions:
Below are some real life examples of dating profile write-ups that won't get anybody's attention. Listen up if you are looking to make a good impression and don't want others to think you are boring and/or crazy!!

Bad Profile example 1:

Mmm hope to be a vet someday..
Yes I have a tongue ring.. and I got it because I wanted it nothing else.
I forgot what respect feels like..
Uhh migraines control my life

Uhm I do not trust you at all
I’m really good at

Being mean.. but only if you deserve it.. otherwise im a nice person

Does that strike you as an interesting, self-aware and romantic date? Didn't think so.

Bad Profile example 2:

My Self-Summary:

I don't know what to say! I'm pretty much an open book...ask me anything.

In all fairness, there was more to the profile than this, but this was all there was in the self-summary section. Nobody likes to read this yet everybody seems to write it!

Bad Profile example 3:

I'm a very motivated ambitious person in school and the workplace I am a workaholic but school is my first priority, I think a lot about the future and what my plans are. I'm a laid back girl and I love to laugh and I have a good sense of humor. I wouldn't consider myself shy or a social butterfly, I would say I'm an extrovert but not extreme, I would also say I am a romantic and nice person

The issue with this profile isn't just that it has too many bland cliche descriptions, but also that it is contradictory. It gives off the message that the writer is a "type A - don't have time for a social life" person while also saying that he/she is a laid-back "sit around and slouch" type person. Which is it? Be yourself and be honest, you can't appeal to everyone when dating so don't even try.

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